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What To Wear For A Yacht Party?


What To Wear For A Yacht Party?

Being invited to or hosting your own yacht party is a luxurious way to celebrate with your friends and family and is a memorable experience. But have you thought about your clothes? Picking out a suitable outfit option for a special occasion is hard, but if this is your first time attending a soiree on the sea, you might be asking – what should I wear? Are heels appropriate? Can I show up in that dress I bought last month?

If you feel inexperienced in picking what to wear, this article should help to guide you in the right direction. We think this will make you more confident in your decision, knowing you will be prepared to look stunning whilst being practical to your nautical surroundings.

The Basics

There is a general rule that you should look comfortable and stylish when boarding the yacht, not something outdated or revealing. Short dresses for women or shorts for men are not appropriate and will break the overall look of the gathering, so stick with something safe and traditional.

Here are some specific ideas for you to consider that will never go out of fashion:


Men have a standard code of dress at any formal party, and yacht parties are definitely formal! Before leaving, make sure to put on your best shirt – white is always a great shade as it can be matched with slacks of all different colours. Khaki, brown or black are always great options, so treat yourself to a new pair if you haven’t already got a pair in your wardrobe.

During colder months, bringing a blazer to evening celebrations will be essential, as the cold sea air will be difficult to withstand in a short-sleeved top. After you have successfully coordinated your outfit, don’t forget to finish it off with some loafers and a leather belt.


How you choose to style yourself is up to you, but pay attention to the look of your hair, opting for either a wavy, windswept appearance, or a soft bun or pin-up, and finish off your look by wearing your favourite earrings.

Wearing high heels will likely be tempting, but you should refrain from doing so in case you slip or trip on a wet deck. Loafers or flat shoes are much safer and will prevent you from any injuries in the case of an accident. Similarly, never wear your clubbing attire to a yacht party. It is best to leave revealing outfits at home and board in your best knee-length cocktail outfit to ensure you look glamorous rather than ready to join the nightlife as soon as the party is over.

Summer Dresses

You most likely own one, so why not consider if it is an appropriate candidate for your party wear? A lot of classic dresses never go out of fashion and there are many different types for you to choose from, but we personally think that breezy dresses that float in the sea breeze are perfect for you to wear on any boat or yacht.

Make sure that you wear light colours, such as pastels or white, with short or delicate sleeves, which will ensure you can soak up some sun without taking away from your modest appearance. They are easy on the eyes and will not detract anyone from the bustling atmosphere around you. If you fancy something a bit artier, however, floral patterns can look gorgeous too so long as you keep the colours summery and natural. Yellow, red and green dashes on a neutral base hue are always a picturesque option to match with the summer vibe, or you could even go for a woodland brown.

Pastel colours are a great option if you want to wear your favourite colour, as a lighter variant of it can bypass as a summer dress if it retains a light, airy feel. We suggest avoiding dark navy, green or black, as not only do they look heavy, but they will soak up heat, making you hot and uncomfortable.

Just remember to wear suncream and lip balm to avoid sunburn and blistering.

Winter Clothes

You might think that, with the guidance for summer dresses, choosing clothes for a winter yacht party will be hard, but truthfully it is fairly straightforward. In winter, we suggest the opposite of the clothes you would wear in summer. Solid, dark colours like navy blue, black and burgundy will retain heat to keep you warm for hours at a time whilst looking phenomenally smart. Remember to pack good-quality jumpers, jackets and cardigans to give yourself some extra layers if the weather gets colder. You want your yacht experience to feel pleasant, so there is no point in completely sacrificing your comfort to show off an outfit. Including a cap, mufflers and a sweater in your suitcase is never an unreasonable option, especially if you will be sitting outside on the deck.

Dinner Parties

We understand that dinner parties might unease some of their guests a bit more than the average gathering, so your main priority will be to wear something that provides you with comfort. As much as you might want to wear tight trousers and belts, glossed up with lots of bracelets, necklaces and extravagant accessories, you might feel unnerved by dressing too formally. As a rule, avoid anything you don’t feel completely comfortable wearing in favour of something smart that makes you feel positive and relaxed, so you feel more confident talking to new people.

Going for something overly short is a no-go area. Whilst you can wear these under your clothes in preparation for an evening swim, bikinis and swimming shorts are for the beach, not for eating a meal.

If you are looking for a super yacht to hire for your next party on the Gold Coast or in Sydney, why not contact us at Club Nautical? We have plenty here all across Australia – just give us a call or fill out our enquiry form.


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