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How Much Is It To Hire a Yacht?

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How Much Is It To Hire a Yacht?

Hiring a luxury yacht isn’t as expensive as you might think. In Australia, the cost of hiring a yacht depends on a number of factors including the size of the yacht you want to hire, where you’re hiring, and how long you want to hire a yacht for.

If you’re considering hiring a luxury yacht for a special occasion or celebration, understanding how much it costs to hire a yacht – and which aspects of yacht hire add the most to your bill – can help you to manage your yacht hire budget. Let’s look at how much it costs to hire a yacht across different parts of Australia and which factors affect the total hire price.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Yacht In Australia?

TThe cost of hiring a yacht in Australia depends on many factors, including the boat size, duration of your hire, the crew, and the features of the yacht that you choose to hire. Generally, larger yachts cost more to hire, and so do modern yachts with more contemporary features and luxurious extras.

Hiring a yacht for a longer period of time obviously costs more, although the price of hire per hour usually comes down the longer you hire it out. If you’re willing to hire a yacht for a whole day or night, the day rate or nightly charge is usually lower per hour than the charge for hiring a yacht for just a couple of hours in the afternoon.

As a general guide, smaller yachts that fit 10 to 20 people may be available from around $600 per hour, while larger yachts for 100+ people cost around $1500 per hour or more. This is a very general estimate of yacht hire prices, and you’ll find yachts that are priced much lower and much higher than this, so if your budget is tight – don’t worry.

The cost of hiring a yacht might also be affected by how many people you intend to have on board. The more people you invite to your party, the more your yacht hire is likely to cost. This is because the owner of the yacht has to factor in the added wear and tear and risk associated with larger parties and gatherings.

The Cost Of Yacht Hire By Location

The cost of hiring a yacht can depend significantly on where and when you’re looking to hire. Some areas of Australia are more expensive than others generally, and other areas may see ‘peak’ times drive up the demand for yacht hire, which makes hiring a yacht more costly and more difficult during these times.

The cost of hiring a yacht in Sydney will be more, on average, than the cost of hiring a similar yacht on the Gold Coast, but this isn’t always the case. If you hire your yacht from a reputable hire company, they will likely control the price of yacht hire to ensure that all yacht hire is fairly priced no matter what location you’re looking in.

Our yacht hire locations – in Brisbane, Sydney, the Gold Coast, the Whitsundays, and the South Pacific – offer yachts for hire at consistent prices no matter where you want to sail from.

What Other Factors Affect The Cost Of Hiring A Yacht?

There are many factors that can affect the cost of hiring a yacht. While it’s impossible to give an exact price because every situation is different, some factors that will affect the cost of your yacht hire include the size and condition of the boat you want to hire and the crew that you’ll need with you.

Boat Size

You most likely own one, so why not consider if it is an appropriate candidate for your party wear? A lot oYachts come in a huge variety of sizes, with some accommodating just 10 people and others accommodating over a hundred guests. Larger boats cost more to hire, in part because they’re usually more expensive and also because they require a larger crew to run.

Smaller boats may be cheaper, but make sure that they include everything you need or you may end up paying more overall if you have to hire additional facilities and amenities for your celebration.


Crewing a yacht is expensive, and the larger the yacht you hire the more crew you’ll need to run the yacht. Most yacht hire prices include the cost of staffing the yacht, but this explains why larger yachts are almost always more expensive to hire than smaller yachts.

Check how many crew members come included in the hire price and what their roles are, especially if you’re expecting additional crew such as waiters and cleaners – some yacht hires will include this, but others won’t.


The cost of hiring a yacht over a long period of time builds up, but on an hourly basis, it’s usually cheaper to hire a yacht for a longer period than for one or two hours. For example, the AKI yacht is currently available to hire for $990 per hour or for $5990 per night, or 15.5 hours. However, nightly hire is only available for smaller parties.

Consider carefully what type of hire is the best fit for your celebration and whether it’s worth hiring a yacht for an entire night to bring the total hire cost down and enjoy your hire for longer.


The cost of hiring a yacht also depends on the features and mod cons of the yacht that you want to hire. Are you looking for a simple boat with comfortable seating and washing facilities, or do you want a luxurious yacht complete with a dance floor and a fully-stocked bar? The more features your yacht has, the more your yacht hire will set you back.


If you’re planning a party or celebration on a yacht, consider all of the little extras you might have to pay for as well as yacht hire. Food, drinks and entertainment all add up, and how each yacht hire approaches these will differ.

Find out whether any basic catering or entertainment is included in your yacht hire, how much they charge for additional extras, and what the rules are on bringing your own food and drinks on board.

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