10 Reasons To Hire A Yacht This Winter

10 Reasons To Hire A Yacht This Winter

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10 Reasons To Hire A Yacht This Winter

Are you planning a party, celebration or another event? Do you want to make sure that it provides an unforgettable experience for everyone you invite? If so, then you need to hire a yacht! Here are ten of the many reasons why yacht hire is the perfect solution to all your event requirements in winter. 

1. Suitable For Parties Of Different Size

From a romantic evening cruise for a couple (perfect if you want to pop that all-important question) to corporate events, small groups of friends, club outings and more, there’s a yacht that’s the right size for your requirements. Versatility is one of the key benefits of yacht hire – you can pick an option that’s sized perfectly for your party size. This eliminates the problems that land-based venues can present when the number of guests is too small or large for the space. When you hire a yacht, you get one that’s tailored to your party.

2. Ideal For All Ages

Because you have full control over the onboard environment, a yacht party can be tailored for family gatherings, adults-only or mixed-age groups. Many people are surprised to discover that a yacht trip provides an exciting and memorable venue for a child’s birthday party, children love the marine wildlife they can see or the opportunity for a swim. In contrast, if you’re holding a white tie event or want to party until dawn, a yacht provides the sophisticated ambience needed for an adult party.

3. A Private Experience

Once your guests are on board, the yacht becomes your private location. No uninvited guests can board to spoil the fun, ensuring you can relax safely and enjoy your event to the full. Guests enjoy the same degree of privacy as they would if you held the party in your own home. For many people, the privacy a yacht provides is one of the key reasons why their private celebrations or corporate events are always held on board.

4. Customised To Your Exact Requirements

A yacht provides an adaptable venue that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Some of our yachts have high-grade sound systems and a dance floor; others are kitted out for fishing expeditions, swimming or sightseeing. As part of the planning process for your hire, you decide on what facilities you want, the type of decoration needed, food, drink and music choices, as well as any activities you want your guests to take part in. Our goal is always to provide a yacht charter that’s geared to your needs.

5. Suitable For Almost Any Occasion

From birthdays to corporate parties, hen and stag parties, wedding receptions, New Year parties and more, a yacht offers a superb venue when you want to make an occasion truly special. In addition to party celebrations, yachts can be used to host work-related events, sight-seeing tours, wildlife spotting, club outings, retirement parties and a host of other occasions. If you’re a well-being practitioner or inspirational speaker and want a breath-taking venue for your clients to enjoy, why not charter a yacht?

6. Do Things You Can’t Do On Shore

As a sea-going vessel, a yacht offers possibilities for experiences and activities that are often impossible to replicate on shore. If you want to party ’til late, for example, nobody will complain about noise when you’re at sea. Marine wildlife enthusiasts can get close to the birds and sea creatures that thrive at sea. If you want to be perfectly positioned to get the best view of the sunrise or sunset, a yacht provides the solution. Fishing and swimming are also great options for a yacht-based group.

7. A High-end Experience

All our yachts are well-appointed vessels that are meticulously maintained. Our crew are all experienced sailors who are also used to organising exclusive parties where attention to detail, immaculate presentation and a commitment to meeting the needs of every guest are priorities at all times. As a result, a yacht trip is a high-quality experience that’s a good option for occasions where you want guests to have the very best possible experience. Surprisingly, despite the exceptional quality of the time you can expect to enjoy whilst on a yacht, prices for a charter are very competitive.

8. All The Work Is Done For You

When you hold a party or similar event on a yacht, the crew will take the strain so you don’t have to. Not only is the yacht crewed, cleaned and decorated for you, but as part of the charter process, you can also request catering, drinks, music, dancing and anything else you want to make your party a success. Charters can even include hiring onboard entertainers to add value to the experience. Once you’ve told the charter company what you want, they do the rest. This means that at the party, you can concentrate on enjoying time with your guests, confident that the hard work involved in running a function successfully is all being taken care of.

9. It’s An Adventure

It doesn’t matter how old you get or how many times you’ve gone to sea, there’s still something a little magical and exciting about stepping onboard and beginning a voyage. Once the yacht casts off, you’re in your own, private world, free from the responsibilities you face on land. For the duration of the charter, you and your guests have the chance to escape from their land-based existence and enjoy the freedom and opportunities that you’ll only find afloat.

10. There’s A Charter For Everyone

No matter how long you want your charter to last, when you want it to take place or who you want to invite, there’s a charter that will meet your needs. Note that if you require disabled access, have special dietary requirements or have any other special requests, your charter crew will always do their utmost to accommodate them.

With so many reasons to hire a yacht, what’s stopping you? Get in touch with the friendly team at

Club Nautical and start planning your yacht charter now.


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