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The Whitsundays in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef is located along Queensland’s central coast in north-eastern Australia, a collection of 74 tropical islands. Travellers visit the Whitsundays from all around the world to relax on the pure white sands of Whitehaven Beach, soar over Heart Reef in a sea plane and cruise the crystal blue water on world-class Superyachts around the islands. 

The clear, protected waters around the island’s secluded beaches and hidden bays are ideal for sailing, snorkelling, diving and swimming. With its ideal temperatures and sunny days almost all year around the Whitsundays is our number one destination for all Superyacht charters. 

Relax and enjoy the breath taking views the Whitsundays have to offer, each day will feel like time is standing still in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Arlie Beach is the largest town on the Whitsundays Coastline and it is the first destination for all travellers heading to the islands. Only 6 of the 74 islands of the Whitsundays are inhabited, this gives you a perspective of the untouched natural beauty the islands have to offer. Hundreds of Superyachts across Australia migrate to the Whitsundaus during the cooler months, bringing a world of luxury to the home of natural beauty. Exploring the Whitsundays on board a Superyacht has to be one of the most impressive ways. A private yacht charter through the Whitsundays will take you to destinations that most do not reach, with their range of water toys and tenders you are able to take a quick trip to the untouched beaches and explore the natural beauty of these Islands in full privacy.

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On the islands you will find a ray of luxurious retreats including the Qualia resort and boutique Beach Club, They both offer amazing views across The Whitsundays. Hamilton Island is the ideal place for those seeking adventure at both land and sea. From Hamilton Island, you can take an exclusive scenic flight over the Heart Reef or  touch down on your own private island and spend the day there with your closest. Hamilton Island is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts the island has to offer.

The Whitsundays is a part of the Great Barrier Marine Park which offers some of the best dive sites underwater reefs in the world. The natural coral formations are inhabited by hundreds of fish species, turtles, dolphins and even whales. From beginner to advanced divers there are spots for all levels of experience, or simply take a glass bottom boat trip if diving isn’t your strong point.  The Whitsundays offers an endless Superyacht experience adventure, with its stunning untouched beaches, natural beauty and wildlife forms easily making it our number one Yacht charter destination of Australia.

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