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Famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches and vibrant cultural scene the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s top destinations for a family beach holiday, making it a great destination for a luxury yacht charter. With perfect temperatures and sunny days almost year round there’s no wonder why it’s called the Gold Coast, home to hundreds of Superyachts the Gold Coast has a huge range of private charter vessels to choose from. Whether you’re wanting to cruise the broad water with family and friends or party on board a Superyacht into the night, the Gold Coast is the place to be. 

The Gold Coast is also home to the Southport Yacht Club Marina where you can see a huge range of yachts docked at their 300- berth Superyacht Marina which also houses a huge 160-metre Mega Yacht berth. The Gold Coast is the ideal location for those wanting to escape the city life or colder weather from the south, with its buzzing dining and nightlife scene there’s nothing short of something to do on the Gold Coast.

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A short cruise from Marina Mirage is Wave break island, Known for its remote location in the heart of the Gold Coast this makes a great spot to drop the Anchor and swim in a sheltered area. A little further north along the broad water is South Stradbroke island, with pristine white sandy beaches and some amazing secluded spots it is hard to imagine you are just a quick boat ride from the mainland. 

Cruising along South Stradbroke beaches you are bound to encounter some wild life, from Kangaroos on the beach to the local Dolphins swimming alongside you there’s no telling what you’ll encounter. Located on South Stradbroke island is Couran Cove resort, a remote resort only reachable by boat which provides the ultimate nature stay holiday. With hundreds of whales spotted just of the coast season round, you are just a short ride from being up close and personal with these gentle giants. 

Whether you’re wanting to book a short family escape, corporate event or yacht party charter to celebrate, the Gold Coast makes the ideal location.

Contact our team to discuss your next yacht charter on the Gold Coast and let us tailor a package to suit your needs.

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