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Located in Brisbane’s backyard, Moreton Island is the world’s third largest sand island, but there’s much more than just sand on this adventurer’s slice of paradise. Moreton Island is famous for its whale watching, with the best views in the house being on board your very own luxury yacht. In just a 30 minute yacht ride from Brisbane, you can be snorkelling amid a wave of rainbow-coloured fish, whizzing down a sand dune, bathing in a blue lagoon or hand-feeding dolphins in the wild. 

Moreton Island is located 58km northeast of Brisbane. Aside from the Tangalooma Shipwrecks, other areas of the island are also popular among boaters. Lucinda Bay is an alternative anchorage for when there are too many boats along the Tangalooma Shipwrecks.

Furthermore, Sand Hills is also popular for overnight anchorage due to its turquoise water and abundant marine life. It also provides adequate protection from the conditions. Fishing and tobogganing down sand dunes are some of the activities in the area. Days Gutter, on the other hand, offers deep water anchorage with sandbanks that provide adequate protection. Stop by the iconic Gutter Bar for a cold drink and their seafood platter.

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The centre of the island is made up of the Moreton National Park – which covers 95 per cent of the island, while its coastline reveals pristine beaches with both calm and surfable waves. Anchor up at the man made Tangalooma Wrecks, just a short swim from the beach it is home to 15 vessels and a myriad of marine life, including dolphins, wobbegongs and dugongs. The wrecks make the ultimate snorkelling experience onboard your yacht charter. A quick trip south to the Tangalooma Resort, where you can hand feed wild dolphins every day or head to shore to explore the sandy white mountain dunes, there’s no shortage of adventure on Moreton Island.

Peel Island is a small, heritage-listed island and national park located in Moreton Bay, just 4km from the mainland at Cleveland. The remote island paradise is enjoyed by many locals and visitors and can be accessed only by boat or watercraft.

Horseshoe Bay on the southern side is the most popular beach on the island, and the only one with sand. It has some spectacular sandstone outcrops to explore. Platypus Bay is also open to visitors and has a large historic shipwreck, but the rest of the 519 ha island is surrounded by mangroves and closed to the public for the preservation of historic remains.

Peel Island is known for its natural beauty, with bird and animal life undisturbed from the pollutions of modern times. Dugongs, turtles, and dolphins frequent the waters around the island. Often there are thousands of jellyfish following the currents, and sharks are known to inhabit these waters. Up to 74 bird species have been identified.

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