Reasons To Charter a Yacht Through an Agent.

Why You Should Charter Your Next Yacht Through an Agent

Why You Should Charter Your Next Yacht Through an Agent

Chartering a luxury yacht is always a great experience, but when it comes to finding your dream yacht and itinerary this can cause some headaches. With so many different types of yachts out there, each working on their own calendars and individual bookings it can be hard to find the right one without a lot of searching. 

This is where working with a reputable charter agent or company comes in handy. These agents work with a wide variety of yachts across the globe and are not subject only to the yachts they own. Making an agent a better choice to book your next charter and here’s why;

1. Convenience

Chartering with an agent or charter company will give you instant access to a wider range of luxury yachts for hire, as they generally have access to a much larger fleet than going direct. This will cut your searching time drastically, by being able to search hundreds of yachts in the one place rather than trying to find them individually on google. Agents usually have access to the yacht’s calendars, which means they can give you an instant confirmation on your preferred date or an alternative option. Saving you hours of back and forth emailing.

2. Tailored Experience

Agents or charter companies will know which yacht is best tailored for your needs. As they deal with a wide range of clients and requests on a daily basis, They tend to know the best options for your group or clientele instantly. This will save you a lot of time when trying to pick the right yacht for hire.

3. Best Deals

Agents or charter companies work for the Yacht owners and are paid by them. This means you will not pay anything more by going direct, if not less! As sometimes agents are the first to know about upcoming specials. Any agent that may try to charge you more than the direct price, might not be as reputable as you think and you may want to reconsider chartering through that company.

4. Hassle Free

Chartering a yacht with an agent is usually a hassle free experience, It is their duty to ensure all your requests are met. Once you have enquired they get to work finding the best fit for your group, budget and experience, then provide you with those options. When you think of luxury yachts you think of an amazing experience and your agent should provide that from the moment you first contact them.

5. Peace of Mind

Lastly, as agents it is their responsibility to ensure you are happy with everything, as this is their whole business. So when booking with an agent you should receive a personalized level of service that is unsurpassed, as they are there to provide a hassle free experience when booking your charter. Leaving the yacht owners with more time to deal with the important things that matter so that your yacht charter experience is nothing short of amazing!


So, if you’re thinking about hiring a luxury yacht on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Brisbane or the Whitsundays, make sure that the agent you choose ensures your experience is nothing but smooth sailing. With years of experience, we are more than happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have at Exclusive Yacht Charters. Contact us today to discuss your next charter adventure! 


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