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5 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday on a Yacht Charter


5 Reasons to Spend Your Birthday on a Yacht Charter

If you’re looking for the best way to treat yourself on your birthday, a night out with family and friends in a luxury yacht charter on the Gold Coast is the best answer. Guaranteed it’s an experience you won’t forget!

Here are four reasons why you should definitely hop on board this idea:

1. Experience First-Class Pampering on Your Birthday

The customer service on a private yacht charter is always top-notch, which is one of the best things about spending a birthday there. Hosting and prepping are tons of work on special occasions like this, and you’re lucky to have assistance. 

A yacht charter lets you receive personal attention from an experienced crew, so you can rest assured that you and your guests will experience superior, seamless service. All you need to do is have conversations, eat good food, be carefree and enjoy the night.

2. Celebrate with Guests in an Intimate Place

Yachts come with plenty of space yet maintain an aura of intimacy about them. That allows you to spend the evening bonding, eating, talking and enjoying without feeling too crowded or spread out. 

A yacht is more personal than having drinks downtown or at a restaurant that’s always loud with conversations. Being on a boat with your loved ones is the best private experience you can ask for on your birthday.

3. Guarantee to be a Birthday to Remember

Birthdays are usually bar-hopping with friends, going to fancy restaurants or a night of karaoke. Sometimes, it’s a house party. Whichever it is, it can’t compare to a birthday party on a yacht charter. 

This kind of celebration is meant to last. It’s a night to remember for you, your loved ones and guests. Spending a few hours together secluded on a boat off the coast is sure to be fun and intimate. 

4. Have the Perfect Party Backdrop with the Best of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for its long sandy beaches and waterways. It doesn’t lack beautiful buildings, gorgeous lights and other unique sights throughout the city. Most of these sights are best viewed from the water, and the most beautiful party backdrops will be right behind you as you cruise through the night. 

5. Curate a Personalised Menu for Your Birthday

Many yacht charters on the Gold Coast let celebrants choose a theme for their birthdays. So, if you’re fond of hosting themed parties, you can do all that while on a boat out in the water. But the better part is that you also get to enjoy a customised menu made just for your birthday.

You and your guests can enjoy a unique and curated menu, including food and drinks, that you will enjoy throughout the night. A bartender may review the theme and create a custom drink menu, such as specialty cocktails, just for the evening. 

So, no matter what theme you choose, a yacht charter will suit up as you wish. The staff will decorate the yacht, hire live musical performances, and the captain will ensure you experience the best yacht birthday party.


If you want a night of revelry and fun, spending your birthday party on a yacht is the best way to do that. You and your loved ones can enjoy a memorable night of intimate celebration while enjoying the best sights the Gold Coast has to offer.

At Exclusive Hire, you can live an exclusive lifestyle. We are your go-to destination for Australia’s luxury rentals, including yachts, cars and hotel rooms. If you want to experience absolute luxury and unsurpassed service as you get on a yacht charter on the Gold Coast, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today to know more about our services!


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