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Luxurious Amenities You Can Enjoy Aboard a Private Yacht

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Luxurious Amenities You Can Enjoy Aboard a Private Yacht

Are you thinking of getting a luxury boat rental? It’s a great way to get luxurious accommodation, transport, dining, and entertainment even in these days of social distancing.

On a charter yacht, you get your private floating resort to make lasting memories without worrying about outside intrusions. 

Make your day extra unique and luxurious with the following amenities you can enjoy on your yacht charter:

Various Yacht Offers

Have you ever tried a standup paddleboard (SUP) or jet ski before? Enjoy the perfect first try with a knowledgeable crew to assist you throughout the activity. You get to learn some new skills while on board.

If you are into relaxation, you can also enjoy a jacuzzi with unique cocktails and a multimedia system all to yourself. You get to watch movies and play music with the best surround sound quality.

Your Very Own Private Chef

Everyone has unique tastes and dietary requirements. You don’t have to worry with your very own private chef to personalise your meals and accommodate your needs.

A chef can offer you a world-class dining experience with the freshest ingredients for you to enjoy with the beautiful view of the ocean and sunset.

A Theme Party Complete with Crew

You get a dedicated crew who can keep it interesting should you throw a theme party. The captain and crew can replace their uniforms with theme-appropriate attire to make it more fun. They can also style the yacht with theme-appropriate decorations and mix you with some matching cocktails and meals.

Whether you are going for a pirate party or a Great Gatsby theme, the crew can make sure your party is unforgettable.

Gyms and Health Facilities

Are you health conscious and worried about all the splurging on food and drinks you’ll likely do on board? Having fun does not mean an end to your health and fitness routine, as some of the best yachts offer dedicated gyms and health facilities for you. Feel free to do some stretches and soothe your body, mind, and spirit at the gym as well!

Jump into the Water

It would be a shame to be surrounded by so much water if you weren’t allowed to jump right in, relax, and refresh. A yacht charter can take you to the best waters in the world and even offer you some water toys to make the experience more fun.

You can get inflatable islands with seating and bars or mini aquatic parks so you can relax in the water.

Go Exploring

You have a professional crew at your disposal. They are prepared to assist you whether you want some drinks, a picnic, snorkelling gear, or sunscreen. They can even point out reefs ideal for snorkelling and hidden gems such as isolated beaches.

Spectacular Views

A yacht brings you magical views of the ocean, sunsets, and star-filled night skies, making perfect memories you will remember in the years to come.


If you are going for a memorable and luxurious trip with your friends and family, a yacht charter can give you a magical experience. Whether you are into exploring and water sports or if you want to relax with good food, drinks, and a view, a private yacht is ideal for you.

Are you looking for a yacht charter on the Gold Coast? We at Exclusive Hire are a trusted destination for the best yacht charters to ensure absolute luxury and unsurpassed service. Contact us today to know more about our services!


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