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5 Benefits of Chartering a Yacht for a Weekend Getaway

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5 Benefits of Chartering a Yacht for a Weekend Getaway

Instead of planning a trip to the beach, ride the waves with style in a yacht! Yacht chartering is a great weekend activity for people wanting to create the perfect getaway but do not desire a long-term commitment of owning a luxurious water ride. But aside from the financial benefits, what other perks do people get from chartering a yacht?

1. Cheap Way to Indulge in Luxury

It’s always nice to treat yourself once in a while. But instead of investing in luxury items, why not spend on memories that’ll last a lifetime? Chartering a yacht is a cheap yet ideal way to indulge in luxury. Although the vessel will only be in your possession for a few hours, it should be enough to make you feel luxurious.

The best part about chartering a yacht is that there will be no added responsibilities on your end compared to when you’re buying a yacht of your own. It’s easier to manage something that is not yours only for a few hours as it will not add to your things to maintain or look out for in the long run.

2. An Excellent Place to Relax

Being on any water vehicle is the closest thing people can get with the sea. As the waters splash with the help of the wind, a yacht is the best place to relax, especially for those who enjoy hearing the sounds of the seas.

Instead of going camping, why not change up your outdoor exploration activities and hop on a yacht today? Maybe you’ll get to enjoy the sea as much as only being on the shore. Overall, it’s a great way to experience nature in the most surreal way possible.

3. Ideal for People Who Chase the Sun

If you’re one of those who are into tanning to get that sun-kissed glow on their skin, being on a yacht is probably the best way to unlock a different shade of tan. Compared to laying on the shore, sunbathing on a yacht might be better to bask in the sun’s glory as the rays will not be inhibited by any obstruction that may cast a shadow on you.

As a result, people basking underneath an uninterrupted supply of sunlight should get an even tan all over their bodies. However, always remember that there are limitations to how long people should be underneath the sun. Sunbathe at your own risk.

4. Reconnect with Nature

There’s nothing more surreal than returning to nature. If you’re someone living in the city, it must’ve been challenging to survive the concrete jungle. Therefore, you deserve some rest in a place that connects you with a sense of peace, where you can relax for a couple of hours.

Besides lying underneath the sun or hanging out with friends and family, being on a yacht also brings people closer to the fish in the sea. It might be a great time also to do some fishing to see if you can catch something while in the middle of the waters.

5. Make the ‘Perfect’ Vacation

Overall, no matter how people spend their weekend, it should be more special while on the yacht. Instead of staying at home to rest, why not hit the beach and enjoy the warmth of the sun while on a yacht?


There are many yacht designs and models to choose from. Although yacht chartering seems expensive, the rates all depend on which yacht model you’re renting. Therefore, calculate your budget and rent the yacht that suits you best.

Exclusive Hire is a chartering company that offers luxurious vehicle rentals in Australia. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality service while providing absolute luxury. Plan your weekend getaway with us, and tell us which ride suits your needs. Contact us today to know more about our services!


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