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The Benefits of Choosing a Seaside Villa Over a Hotel Room

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The Benefits of Choosing a Seaside Villa Over a Hotel Room

Everyone needs a break every so often. Even those with jobs they absolutely love should dedicate some time to kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying time spent in a new environment. 

When vacationing at the beach, most people default to reserving rooms in lavish hotels that overlook the water. That can be relaxing as well, with the balcony enabling you to get a feel of the relaxing sights. But the trend has since changed, and people are now opting to rent villas.

This may seem strange for some, especially those who are already used to picking their favourite hotels, but the sudden shift in vacation preferences is one that has its own merits.

If you are curious to know about the different advantages of villas over your typical luxury hotel rooms, no need to worry. We have listed a couple of examples below.

Indulgent Scenic Views

Some luxury hotels are undoubtedly located at the heart of vacation spots, making the most of their amenities that are tailor-fitted for tourists and local vacationers alike. However, they may still be placed in between urban landscapes that may break the immersion of those who want to wake up to an incredible view. Villas are way different from their city counterparts, owing to the fact that they are often built directly by the seaside.

This means vacationers don’t need to go very far to dip their toes into the water and walk on the white, sandy beaches.

Emphasis on Nature

Hotel rooms will provide you with air conditioning, cable television, Wi-Fi, and maybe even some free treats in the mini fridge. Unfortunately, these amenities do not do much in terms of being closer to nature. In such a case, you are better off renting out a villa that has all the surrounding plants, trees, and habitats that you would come to expect from a mini reserve—and many also make sure you get all the luxurious amenities you need to kick your relaxation up a notch!

More Space

While luxury hotel rooms may have a bigger floor space than their usual counterparts, all of that is way limited than what a villa can offer. Villas are usually structured to have multiple open areas, much so that their exits usually connect directly to the mini forest and beaches that a vacation spot can offer.

If you want more space for your morning jogs, afternoon meditations, and evening beachside strolls, then a villa would be your most viable option.


Villas are a lot more beneficial when it comes to vacations. Besides the fact that they are located near scenic spots, they are also more nature-oriented and have more space than their hotel counterparts. Yes, hotel rooms have their own amazing amenities in one way or the other, but all of that amounts to nothing, considering that villas offer a more organic experience in general.

If you really want to enjoy your time off with complete workouts, satisfying views, romantic sunsets, and a warm breeze, go for a villa that will give you an unforgettable tropical getaway.
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